Android Espresso Testing Complete Guide 2022 | Udemy

Android Espresso Testing Complete Guide 2022 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Complete Android App Testing Guide
Code Examples for Practice.
Confidence to work on mobile automation testing
Efficiency in writing automation tests cases.

Mobile automation testing is difficult considering variety of different android devices and OS versions.But I have simplified the Espresso for you all. As per my experience Espresso is great tool supported by Google for functional testing. Espresso allows you to do inter app testing and code coverage measure.

What is Espresso ?

Espresso is Android’s Testing Framework used for writing effective and reliable UI Test cases.Espresso synchronizes actions written in test with application user interface.Before Test case run Espresso ensures that the activity is started. Espresso is intended to perform testing on single application but still it allows testing outside of your application as a black box testing.

Espresso Test cases has three components View Matchers,View Actions and View Assertions. We will see there components in detail as we move on to Espresso Tutorial.

Espresso Tutorial-

How to Setup Espresso for functional Testing?

How to Add and Run Your First Espresso Test Case ?

How to use View Matchers, View Actions and View Assertions in Espresso?

How to Create Custome Matcher in Espresso?

Testing Recycler Viewwith Espresso

Testing List View with Espresso Data Adapter

How to Test Dialer Activity with Espresso Intent?

How to Test Camera Activity with Espresso Intent?

Testing Web Views using Espresso Web

Espresso Resource Idling Example.

Espresso Multiprocess

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Who this course is for:
This for you if you wish to become awesome mobile tester
Any developer looking to understand how to test android apps in an automated way
Tech leads tired of inefficiency becuase of having to run manual tests during Release/QA cycles
Anybody who with learn automation for mobile testing

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