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All Tutorials For Front-End Web Development | Ultimate Courses
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All Tutorials For Front-End Web Development is a comprehensive training suite designed and developed by Front-End Web from Ultimate Courses. Modern web development today is based on various technologies that mastering all of them seems necessary to build a modern and complete website. Different languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and various libraries and frameworks built on them are the main and most used tools for designing and developing Front-End Web. The training set with the collection period related to these languages and also a framework based on it. a comprehensive and complete set for learning and mastering the development of the modern, the Website is considered. During this course, you will learn from beginner to advanced topics about different languages and libraries.

Familiarity with the principles and basics of the language, HTML, and CSS, such as grammar, etc. a variety of elements such as content, etc. part., the form of media, styles and fonts, layout, etc. new techniques in CSS3 and many more, and also teach beginner to advanced language JavaScript include foundations, theories, types, variables, and functions, DOM., the event data. object and many others, including topics related to the language of the collection. The other part to the tutorial library of React, from the beginner to advanced), and the concept and the architecture, components, and component applications., the basics of Router design and style pagination in React and topics related to the management of the situation, operation, CRUD, and many more will be familiar. In the next section, is also a full training library Angular include architecture, module, form a dynamic, service, Http, etc. returns in AngularJS, and many more, and also language, TypeScript and libraries, RxJS, and NGRX is included.

What you’ll learn

Angular Fundamentals

• Architecture, setup, source files
• ES5 to ES6 and TypeScript refresher
• Getting started
• Template fundamentals
• Rendering flows
• Component Architecture and Feature Modules
• Services, Http and Observables
• Template-driven Forms, Inputs and Validation
• Component Routing

Angular Pro

• Overview, setup and source files
• Advanced Components
• Directives
• Custom Pipes
• Reactive Forms
• Routing
• Unit Testing
• Dependency Injection and Zones
• State Management with RxJS
• Final Project

AngularJS Performance

• Course overview
• Understanding Angular
• Watchers, collections and async queues
• Superfast ng-repeats
• Native Angular performance tuning
• Tips and tricks

TypeScript Basics

• Setup and source files
• Introduction
• ES6/7 and TypeScript
• Primitive Types
• TypeScript Types
• Type Aliases and Assertions
• Diving into Interfaces
• Classes, Properties and Inheritance

TypeScript Masterclass

• Overview, setup and source files
• Understanding and Typing ‘this’
• Type Queries
• Mapped Types
• Exploring Type Guards
• Advanced Types and Practices
• Generics and Overloads
• Exploring Enums
• Declaration Files
• tsconfig and Compiler Options

RxJS Basics

• Getting Started with RxJS
• Creation Operators
• Getting Started with Operators
• Filtering Operators
• Rate Limiting Operators
• Transformation Operators
• Combination Operators

RxJS Masterclass

• Subjects and multicasting operators
• Intro to Schedulers
• Testing Observables with Marble Testing
• Testing Observables with Subscribe and Assert Pattern
• RxJS Tips and Tricks

NGRX Store + Effects

• Overview, setup and source files
• Redux Architecture
• Writing our own Redux Store
• Architecture: ngrx/store and components
• Core Essentials
• Effects and Entities
• Router State Composition
• Extending our State Tree
• Entity patterns, CRUD operations
• Routing via Dispatch
• State preload and protection via Guards
• Observables and Change Detection
• Unit Testing

React Basics

• Introduction to React
• Rendering view in React
• Introduction to Components
• The React virtual DOM vs the browser DOM
• A deeper dive into Components
• Forms in React
• Thinking in Components
• HTTP Requests
• Routing
• Application Build

React State Management

• Introduction to State Management
• Internal Tools
• Custom Hooks
• Common Problems and Other Hooks
• Building a WhatsApp Clone
• External Libraries
• Publishing hooks to NPM

React Styling

• Introduction to Styling in React
• Styling React Apps with CSS
• Styling React Apps with SASS
• Styling React Apps with Emotion

JavaScript Basics

• ES2015 and beyond
• Operators and Assignment
• Variables and Scoping
• Strings, Numbers and Booleans
• Conditional Logic
• Functions and Closures
• Arrays and Objects
• Data Structure Iteration
• ES Modules

Advanced JavaScript

• Functional Programming and Composition
• Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
• Immutable and Mutable Data Structures
• Pure, Higher-Order and Lambda Functions
• Currying and Partial Application
• Object Literals and Factory Functions
• Recursion and Memoization
• Constructors and Prototypal Inheritance
• Private Properties and Methods

Document Object Model (DOM)

• What/Why/How Document Object Model
• DOM Nodes and Elements
• Querying the DOM
• Understanding Nodes
• Applying JS Programming
• Dynamic Templating
• Events and Elements
• Forms and Validation

HTML + CSS Basics

• Introduction
• HTML Language Essentials
• HTML Content Elements
• HTML Section Elements
• HTML Form Elements
• HTML Media Elements
• Lab 1: Build the HTML for a blog
• CSS Language Essentials
• CSS Basic Styles
• CSS Fonts & Text
• CSS Box Model
• CSS Layout Techniques
• Lab 2: Styling the blog from design to CSS

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