AI in Marketing: Master Techniques to Make AI Work for You | Livelessons

AI in Marketing: Master Techniques to Make AI Work for You | Livelessons
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Table of contents
AI in Marketing: Introduction
Lesson 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Learning objectives
1.1 What is Artificial Intelligence?
1.2 What is Big Data?
1.3 What is data science?
Lesson 1 Exercise: Project Progress
Lesson 2: How AI Works
Learning objectives
2.1 How is AI different from traditional software?
2.2 What is Machine Learning?
2.3 What are some examples of marketing AI in action?
Lesson 2 Exercise: Project Progress
Lesson 3: Opportunities for AI
Learning objectives
3.1 How do I know when my problem can be solved with AI?
3.2 How can I introduce AI into my organization?
3.3 How do I develop an AI strategy?
Lesson 3 Exercise: Project Progress
Lesson 4: The AI Development Process
Learning objectives
4.1 How does feature analysis work?
4.2 What’s agile development?
4.3 How do you design a real AI system?
Lesson 4 Exercise: Project Progress
Lesson 5: Working with Data
Learning objectives
5.1 How does the data process work?
5.2 How does Machine Learning use data?
5.3 How do we measure our progress?
Lesson 5 Exercise: Project Progress
Lesson 6: People and AI
Learning objectives
6.1 How do we correct errors?
6.2 Which situations raise ethical concerns?
6.3 Can we put humans in the loop?
Lesson 6 Exercise: Project Progress
Lesson 7: What’s Next?
Learning objectives
7.1 What’s coming next in AI?
7.2 What’s next for you and AI?
AI in Marketing: Summary

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