AGI 304 – Professional Metal Re-Finishing And Hot Caustic Bluing

AGI 304 – Professional Metal Re-Finishing And Hot Caustic Bluing
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AGI 304 – Professional Metal Re-Finishing And Hot Caustic Bluing.avi”

AGI Metal Refinishing and Hot Caustic Bluing Course DVD American Gunsmithing NRA

Over the years, the Bluing of weapons was a Hot subject of discussion with a lot of debates.
This technique kept a well secret from many manufacturers. It is originating from Europe in Switzerland and passed to German factories during the WWii.
Eventually Gun masters who immigrated to US, passed the secrets to US factories.
Even today, the various techniques are well kept and only discussed within the closed cycle of Gunsmith persons.

But thanks to AGI and the willingness of Master Gene Shuey, the secrets of that mysterious process is revealed.
In this course you will learn everything you need to know to achieve consistent success. Clearly explains and demonstrates in comprehensive detail everything that you need to know to professionally refinish firearms. Whether you want to add bluing to your services offered, want to refinish your own guns, or just want to possess this knowledge,

In typical AGI step-by-step detailed fashion we explain, demonstrate and show you everything you need to know. I can tell you, as a Professional Gunsmith who has blued hundreds of guns that I have never seen before a presentation on this subject that was as clear, comprehensive, and concise as this course is.

Covers detailed metal preparation; tank set up, mixing processes. Dozens of tips and techniques are revealed, many for the very first time.

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