Advance SDR for Ethical Hackers Security Researchers 2.0 | Udemy

Advance SDR for Ethical Hackers Security Researchers 2.0 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
L-band antenna and how to use it.
Frequencies on L-band.
Basics of satellites.
What is Iridium satellite?
How to hunt for Iridium satellite frequency.
Decode voice data from Iridium satellite.
Decode other data types from Iridium satellite.
Find location of Iridium satellite.
What is Inmarsat satellite?
How to hunt for Inmarsat satellite signals.
Decode email, aerospace, and other data from Inmarsat satellite.
Creating your own SDR server.

Have you ever thought of Sniffing satellites and receiving data directly from satellites?

If YES! Then this course is for you.

After a great response from our first course (SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers), We took it further deep and created this (Advance SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers 2.0) course. It is recommended that you should first take SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers course and then continue with this course but for those who directly want to start with this course make sure you watch appendix section of this course for basic references.

In this course we are going to talk about satellites, different types of satellites receiving data from satellites and decoding it.

We will start with Iridium satellite and look what is Iridium satellite? Then we will setup L-band antenna for receiving signals from Iridium satellite after receiving data we will see how we can decode that data including Voice data, GSM data, Pager data and other data.

After that we will cover Inmarsat satellite and see what Inmarsat satellite is and how to receive Inmarsat satellite signals then will try to decode those signals using Scytale-C and JAERO. We will try to capture Voice data, Email data and Aerospace data from Inmarsat satellite.

At last, we will see how to create our own Raspberry Pi based SDR server and how to hunt for signals using that Server.

Who this course is for:
Anyone Interested in Software Defined Radio.
Anyone Interested in Learning the use of SDR in Security.
Anyone Interested in receiving data directly from satellite.
Anyone Interested in decoding satellite data.
Anyone Interested in creating SDR server.

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