ACloudGuru – Essentials for Windows Administrators on AWS

ACloudGuru – Essentials for Windows Administrators on AWS
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There are big benefits to using Windows on AWS. AWS allows you to capitalize on your Windows skills to deploy applications easily, reliably, with greater performance and at reduced cost.
Amongst other upsides, AWS:
• Simplifies your migration of existing in-house Windows applications to the cloud
• Allows you to deliver automation, security and optimization
• Integrates with Windows in order to roll out improved reliability and scalability
• Simplifies services for administration, auditing and updating Windows servers
• Enables you to take advantage of any enterprise Windows licensing you already have

This course covers all these topics, as well as deep dives into the key AWS services used by Windows deployments, including:

• AWS automation using PowerShell

• Elastic Beanstalk

• CloudFormation

• CodeDeploy

• Centralizing event logs and metrics

• Backup and Restore using snapshots

• EC2 Run Command

• AWS Lambda

• Active Directory – NEW!

This hands-on resource gives you the tools you need to get started quickly, migrate your applications to the cloud and maximize your investment.

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