Achieving Optimum Health with Dr. Miranda Wiley

Achieving Optimum Health with Dr. Miranda Wiley
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Ep1 – Acidity and Alkalinity: How to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy pH

Dr. Miranda Wiley ND explains how diet, digestion, and organ function can all influence the pH levels of various fluids within our body. Enzymes have narrow pH ranges in which they function optimally, so maintaining a balanced pH is essential for maximal health. Find out how to do so in this informational video.

Ep2 – Blood Sugar Balance for Optimal Health and Energy

As Dr. Miranda Wiley explains, elevated blood sugar levels have been linked to such modern afflictions as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and cancers. This talk seeks to explain the potential for harm caused by chronically elevated blood sugar levels or erratic blood sugar swings.

Ep3 – Quality Fats

One of the greatest myths in nutrition is that fat is bad. Dr. Miranda Wiley discusses how fats are in fact healthy for you. Learn how and why fats are essential; as well as how to find the best sources of fat for optimum wellness.

Ep4 – Gluten and its Potential Effects on Health

Join Dr. Miranda Wiley as she discusses gluten, a protein that is being linked to an increasing number of health concerns, as it naturally occurs in such grains as wheat, spelt, kamut, barley, and rye. Explore the role of gluten in the diet to determine if avoidance may be of benefit for your own health.

Ep5 – Bone Health: Beyond Calcium

This video from Dr. Miranda Wiley N.D. describes holistic approach to developing and maintaining strong bones. Through quality of diet, the power of digestion, hormonal balance, stress management, and immune system optimization, we can all hope to achieve maximum bone health

Ep6 – Cleansing and Detoxification

As Dr. Miranda Wiley explains, the body is inherently a self-cleansing organism. Learn the various roles of each organ involved in regular detoxification so that you can better optimize their function.

Ep07 – Friendly Flora: Your Unseen Protective Force

As Dr. Miranda Wiley explains, the human microbiome is comprised of bacteria and other microbes that are essential for life itself. The balance of microorganisms influences digestion, immune function, mental function and other aspects of human physiology. Our understanding of the relationship with our invisible friends is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing year. Find out what we’ve discovered so far with this talk.

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