5 important Javascript and CSS Projects for beginners | Udemy

5 important Javascript and CSS Projects for beginners | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn industry level coding practises for web development
Learn how to keep HTML, CSS and JavaScript code modular
Learn creating modern UI design using CSS
Showcase JavaScript and CSS projects in a Job interview

If you are a beginner in web development and wanted showcase good projects in your portfolio then this is the right course you have arrived at. This course includes 5 must-have JavaScript and CSS projects to learn industry-level coding practices and excel in your career.

JavaScript and CSS Projects included in the course with source codes are:

> Calculator with theme support:

Learn how to implement theme support in website using CSS variables and JavaScript

> Quiz app UI

Learn how to implement modular UI design using CSS

> Stopwatch with laps

Learn how to play with Date and Time in JavaScript


Learn how to play with HTML DOM using JavaScript

> Sidebar menu implementation

Learn how to implement a navigation menu using CSS

Why learning industry level JavaScript code is important?

JavaScript has become integral to the Internet experience as developers build increased interaction and complexity into their applications. Search engines, ecommerce, content management systems, responsive design, social media and phone apps would not be possible without it.

Why learning industry level CSS code is important?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is the coding language that gives a website its look and layout. Along with HTML, CSS is fundamental to web design. Without it, websites would still be plain text on white backgrounds.

What is modular coding?

Modular programming is the process of subdividing a computer program into separate sub-programs. A module is a separate software component. It can often be used in a variety of applications and functions with other components of the system.

Some programs might have thousands or millions of lines and to manage such programs it becomes quite difficult as there might be too many of syntax errors or logical errors present in the program, so to manage such type of programs concept of modular programming approached.

Each sub-module contains something necessary to execute only one aspect of the desired functionality.

Modular programming emphasis on breaking of large programs into small problems to increase the maintainability, readability of the code and to make the program handy to make any changes in future or to correct the errors.

Who this course is for:
Beginner web developers
Beginner Frontend Developers
Web developers looking for a job



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