3D Paintover Starter Kit

3D Paintover Starter Kit
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This collection asks the question "When is 3D software useful for a painter?" Whether it’s to tackle complex perspective, reflective surfaces, or repeated forms, 3D can be a hugely powerful tool. Moreover, I’d argue it’s just as valuable for beginners as it is for advanced digital painters. But the learning path isn’t obvious. I spent a decade of trial and error teaching myself online, and these 6 videos aim to summarize my findings. It’s 3D from a 2D artist’s perspective… the guidebook I wish I had 10 years ago. The videos focus on high-level topics instead of granular step-by-step tutorials. The concepts & techniques apply to many software options, including the open-source Blender 3D.

Watch the preview video here.

In this starter kit you’ll find 6 complete premium series. For for individual details, make sure to follow the links below.

Total Runtime: 374 Minutes
Filesize: a combined ~3GB (6 .zip files)

3D For Illustrators 01: First Steps (Video Series)
3D For Illustrators 02: What’s Possible (Video Series)
3D For Illustrators 03: Modeling Basics (Video Series)
3D For Illustrators 04: Texturing (Video Series)
3D For Illustrators 05: Modular Design (Video Series)
3D For Illustrators 06*: Paintover Demo (Video Series) — *Exclusive to this bundle

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