A 15 Hour C# 6.0 Course – The Core Language Packt Publishing

A 15 Hour C# 6.0 Course – The Core Language | Packt Publishing
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This comprehensive C# 6.0 course teaches you the core C# language and syntax, in a working Visual Studio environment, line by line! It covers everything from core language constructs through to more advanced language features such as C# Generics, Delegates, and Lambda expressions, and object-oriented programming techniques.

This course is designed for beginner C# developers, and anyone who needs a fast reference to using the core C# language features in practical coding examples. You will also gain a view of C# through web programming with Web Forms, which means you will also learn HTML, basic CSS and how to use a variety of controls like buttons, text boxes, drop downs lists and others.

You’ll start this course by learning the fundamentals of C# and Visual Studio, including configuring the layout, defining variables, interacting with users, and understanding data types, data conversions, and constants. To work with code in a more advanced way, you’ll tackle how to check simple conditions using if/else blocks, as well as how to use loops to do things like repeat blocks of code to work more efficiently. After covering various operators to evaluate and assign control structures, you’ll learn how to use arrays to store collections of data. Moving on to Object Oriented Programming, you’ll create objects that contain both data and functions to make your job even easier.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the most important aspects of C#, Visual Studio, and Object Oriented Programming. You’ll be able to use these new skills to advance your career as a programmer, as well as become a C# developer.

Also included are bonus sections on programming C# through the console as well as an introduction to the Unity Engine and how to use C# to script in Unity, which is one of the major applications of C#.

What You Will Learn

Learn C#, Visual Studio, and Object Oriented Programming
Learn all the core C# language syntax with hands on working examples
Learn everything from basic variable assignments to complex Lamda expressions!
Practical examples of all the core C# language features so that you can easily master them yourself
Use the C# Programming Language to Work with Code and Data, which can be applied to other programming languages as well
Complete a variety of programming assignments for hands-on practice, as you move through the course.

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