10 Things Every Production SQL Server Should Have | Udemy

10 Things Every Production SQL Server Should Have | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Configure SQL Server correctly for production environments
Set up an alerting system so you are notified when jobs fail and when alerts are fired
Become more confident when an outage occurs.

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“I can’t thank Mike enough for providing such useful information without cost; the content in this course is invaluable.” Ken

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“Great Course.” David S

This course focuses on 10 things that every SQL Server in production should have.

We will start with the single MOST important facet to every SQL Server DBAs job. Backups. We will cover the different kinds of backups and discuss how often we should be taking them. We will demo restores so WE understand the mechanics of how SQL Server backups up a database.

We will talk about the importance of the FULL backup and what having it means to recovery.

WE will cover consistency checks and talk about how often they should be run and why they should be run.

WE will cover statistics and index REBUILDS and how and why we should use them.

Lastly, WE will cover how to set up database MAIL so we can be alerted when OUR jobs fail.

Many organizations don’t have production DBAs so this course can assist them with setting up the very basic necessities for a production SQL Server.

This is an entry level course and can be taken by developers, network administrators and database administrators. The course is even well suited for those who manage DBAs.

The course is a real world approach to setting up your SQL Server in a production environment.

The course if FREE so sign up now.

Who this course is for:
There are no prerequisites for this course. If you have a basic knowledge of SQL Server then this course is for you.
This course will cover the bare minimum we need for our SQL Servers in a production environment.
Using the collegiate scale as a guide this course will be a 101 level course.



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