Zan – Enlightened Seduction Vols 1 – 4 [4 DVDs – Rips]

Zan – Enlightened Seduction Vols 1 – 4 [4 DVDs – Rips]
English | Size: 2.680 GB
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Now since I personally dislike torrents with nary a description or just a lazy link(like above…:o)) I will enrich the lives of those who endeavor to read further with my "enlightened" knowledge… ok ok so it’s just some "filler" material to make it look like I actually put some effort into this upload!:-D

Since I wanted to get this XviD rip uploaded ASAP, I did not get the chance to watch the whole thing from beginning to end. I used my VLC player to check my XviD rips in one minute intervals to make sure that the video and audio transferred ok so I’m crossing my fingers that there are no problems with any of my rips.

Some of our esteemed colleagues already started to watch the DVDs and here’s some early reviews flowing in…

"Yeah wasn’t all that impressed by the first DVD … It was OK but not as good as expected…" ~ Dianabol

"watched the first two and IMO they are great… essential. you should watch the first one before going out" ~ trrent1

…and my personal favorite review so eloquently put by bullit:
"Personally the first DVD sucks bigtime balls." ~ bullitt

Now I don’t know if these DVDs actually "suck bigtime balls" since I haven’t had the pleasure of munching in, but all of you can take comfort in knowing that by downloading my XviD rips, you’ll only be sucking 1/3rd balls since these are tasty bitesize 700mb rips of each of the ISOs…:-P

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