Valentino Kohen – Invisible Game [30 MP4]

Valentino Kohen – Invisible Game [30 MP4]
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Are you addicted to watching countless videos about “success with women” without taking any action?
This is extremely common in students who attend my programs. They’ve been watching videos for years, but have never had the courage to go out and actually talk to girls!
When you fall into the “knowledge trap” of trying to learn it all before you go out and actually do it, you’re just wasting time.
Even worse, a lot of guys watch so many different videos, from various teachers, that they end up with a catalog of conflicting ideas which make it REALLY hard for them to put what they’ve learned into practice!

Success with women is simple. It requires that you learn just a few basic principles and then take a LOT of action to develop your skills.
I’ve condensed all of my knowledge into ONE video, teaching you how to get the girl you’ve always wanted. My complete manifesto.
If you want to get good at this and stop wasting time, then; pick one teacher, learn from him only and start taking massive action. I don’t mind if you learn from me or someone else. I just want to see you start getting the girls you want in your life!

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