Udemy – Web Scraping with Python Ruby And import.io

Udemy – Web Scraping with Python Ruby And import.io
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What Will I Learn?

Scrape a variety of websites
Scrape websites with Ruby
Scrape websites with Python
Scrape websites with Import. io


How to install software on their computer
Be able to understand a reasonable level of programming — much of it will be explained
Follow step-by-step instructions


Latest Update:
March 9, 2017 – Please note that import io is no longer a free program. They just recently started to charge for use of the platform. I would love some feedback about whether to keep the tutorials up for this portion or to remove and add more lessons from Python, Scrapy and/or Ruby.


You’ll be web scraping in less than an hour!!

This course teaches you three ways to scrape websites:

Import. io is a software that you download and is a really quick way to start web scraping quickly. It is not without its limitations but depending on what you need or plan to do it could do everything you need. No programming experience necessary!

If you prefer to learn a little programming along the way, and aren’t afraid to invest a little time, you can learn how to do web scraping with Ruby and/or Python. Both have their pluses and minuses but both can do just about anything you could imagine.

Even if you have never used Python or Ruby you can learn how to still use these programs as a web scraper. But if you are willing to learn you can scrape just about any website there is online!

Want to do some web scraping of super popular websites? That’s how you will learn!

This course comes complete with code for every lecture for Ruby and Python!

You will learn to web scrape popular websites like:


You will learn to install Python and Ruby. You’ll learn how to download what you web scrape into CSV files and with Python you will learn how to put your data into a database.

Other lessons include how to get around obstacles such as websites with ajax that load content dynamically. You’ll also learn how to crawl multiple pages of websites and get all the data you need!

With Import. io you will learn how to download a website that has over 40,000 products on it. Yes, 40,000 products and you will learn how to scrape all of those products.

Stop imagining you can grab data off websites and use them for your next web project, you an do it now.

Please note: Software installation can be done for both Mac OSX and Windows. I use a Mac so it is more focused on OSX however instructions are available for Windows.

Update: January 17, 2016 – Added three Scrapy videos. How to setup scrapy and scraping Craigslist
Update: October 17, 2015 – Added Bonus lesson on extracting zip codes from Yelp
Update: September 15, 2015 – Added How to find JSON and scrape it on Walmart
Updated: September 1, 2015 – Three new Twitter API scraper videos. How to scrape user tweets, users searching for keywords and how to follow those users through Ruby/Twitter API
Update: August 28, 2015 – Added Wikipedia scraper and map

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Who is the target audience?

Anyone who has an interest or idea where they want to utilized data from other websites

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