Udemy – Unity 5 Clone Bottle Flip 2k16 fast and publish on app store

Udemy – Unity 5 Clone Bottle Flip 2k16 fast and publish on app store
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You will get to use Unity 3D game engine to build and publish a clone of the Bottle Flip game. This game has reached the top ranks in iTunes app store and Google Play store. The player score points by flipping the bottle and have it fall back on its base. This game is fun and addictive.
Thanks to this course, you will build your own flavor of this game and get to modify it as you wish, you could change the graphics and flip anything, it doesn’t have to be a bottle. You could flip cars, houses, animals or even celebrities! The crazier the better, let your imagination go wild!
The whole process is fun and it feels so good to have your app published in the app store. Feel free to brag about it to your friends and family!
Important: This course is part of a the world’s one and one series on Unity professional multiplayer games.
The content is so big, it couldn’t fit in one course. Here is the courses are split in key areas:
There are so many tutorials, guides and courses out there, that it’s hard to know how to start learning how to code, game development, and even harder to know in which order you should take the courses.

We’ve decided to focus on Unity rather than other platforms because the team behind Unity has a great vision. They are always on top of things. Each time a new device comes out, they add support for it and also create special libraries for it. We believe you should focus on Unity as well. We want to make sure you do by providing you the best learning material at the best prices
For example, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR are fully operational on Unity 5.
Unity also entered the live cinematic world (animated movies, think Toy Story). The future is bright for Unity developers. (more about the future of Unity )
There’s also been a change in the mobile app app store category ranking system which makes it harder to get app exposure for new apps. It means developers need to focus on a few apps instead of bombarding the app store with reskins. Nowadays, an app is a continuous work of art where developers need to listen to the users and keep updating the app to give them exactly what they want.
Having said that, you will maximize your learning experience if you takes the courses in the following order:
– Understand the process of making games:
Before even getting started into developing, you need to understand the whole process of making games, from A to Z. Take the “Captain Rocket” course where you get to see how a Unity project gets reused and turned into another game and gets published to iTunes app store.
course: Publish Captain Rocket* iPhone game under 2 hours, Unity 5
– Learn the basics:
The course “Begin Unity Programming” is short (about 45 minutes) and entertaining where you will learn keys Unity concepts and code using Star Wars figurines.
Another important course is “Fundamentals of Programming”. Beware! This course goes over the hard stuff of programming. It’s explaining the mechanics used in programming, just like you would get in a computer science class in the American Ivy league Universities. It’s not for everyone, but it should be taken by EVERYONE. You need to understand what are for / while loops, what’s the difference between an int, a float or a double, and what are the principles of object oriented programming (to name a few key concept). The course comes with plenty of mind-stimulating exercises made with the new elegant language named Swift.

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