Udemy – Complete Stretching 30+ Exercises For Flexibility & Posture

Udemy – Complete Stretching 30+ Exercises For Flexibility & Posture
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Boost Your Flexibility, Improve Posture & Relieve Tension Throughout Your Body With Complete Stretching

This is not your typical flexibility program.

Complete Stretching is designed for people who want to safely improve their flexibility and posture with stretches that can be done wherever and whenever you want.

But this program does more than teach you a few exercises and workout tips. In the course I go over the science behind stretching and flexibility, the benefits of static and dynamic stretches and why timing you stretches will make or break your flexibility routine.

Did You Know That Stretching Is Scientifically Proven To:
Reduce Your Risk Of Exercise Related Injury
Improve posture
Decrease Muscle Stiffness And Increases Range Of Motion
Reduces Muscular Tension
Improve Functional Performance
Unfortunately, most people stretch incorrectly and make one (or more) of the following mistakes:

Don’t use the right stretching exercises
Stretch at the wrong time
Don’t understand the difference of static and dynamic stretches
Don’t stretch at all
Complete Stretching shows you how to avoid these mistakes and follow a daily stretching routine that is simple yet highly effective.

Here is what’s inside the program:
15-Minute Daily Stretching Routine
30+ Exercise Videos To Help You Stretch With Perfect Form
7 Most Common Stretching Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
Stretching Safety & Correct Form
The Difference Of Static & Dynamic Stretching And How To Use It In Your Routine
Stretching And Strength Training: How To Stretch For Muscle Growth
How To Warm Up Correctly Before You Stretch
As A Bonus You Also Get Access To My Privat Facebook Group "Simple Muscle Academy" Where I Give Free Advice And You Can Ask Questions And Interact With Other Students.

Scroll Up And Get "Complete Stretching" If You Want To See Real Results

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Who is the target audience?
People Looking For A Well-Designed, Science-Based Stretching Program Designed To Help Them Improve Posture & Increase Flexibility

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