Udemy – Cisco LABs with Advanced GNS3 Features

Udemy – Cisco LABs with Advanced GNS3 Features
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Course Description:
This course will show you how to use GNS3 for emulating:
1- Cisco routers and switches via IOU
2- Juniper devices
3- ASA firewalls

there is also 3 complex practical scenario that will show you how to apply your emulations
This course is structured to 7 videos and about one and half hours. First video is course description and summarize the course content. The next three lectures will show you emulation ways. And last three videos are practical scenarios.
Students who take this course would have two great opportunities:
1- Learn advanced features of GNS3 for free.

What are the requirements?
– You should be familiar with Cisco and GNS3 Basics
– You should download GNS3 IOU VM(compatible with your GNS3 version)
– You should download IOU IOS versions
– You should download ASA OS initrd and vmlinuz files
– You should download JunOS

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 9 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
Emulate Cisco Devices with IOU
Emulate Juniper Devices
Emulate ASA
Practice Different Scenarios

What is the target audience?
This course is beneficial for Cisco eager students who has the basic Cisco and GNS3 knowledge but do not know about advanced features of GNS3
Juniper interested students also could learn something
Novice Cisco students without GNS3 background may confuse. I suggest them before this course learn basics of Cisco and GNS3

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