Udemy – Angular 10 Course Build Angular Apps Step by Step

Udemy – Angular 10 Course Build Angular Apps Step by Step BOOKWARE-iLEARN
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Learn how to Build Modern Interactive Web Apps with Angular 13+ and Bootstrap. Getting Started Guide to Angular.

Hey guys, Welcome. In this course, you will learn about the most popular JavaScript Framework ever built Angular. Angular is built, developed, and maintained by Google. There are many courses which do deep dive into Angular taking hours to complete. This course here is a simple complete practical process of developing an Angular Application.

Angular was initially called Angular JS, but since the version 2 Angular JS is now called just Angular, and every new update to the Angular adds in a extra layer of security and new features.

Join the most practical and simple way of learning Angular Framework from scratch. This course is designed specially for beginners who are just getting started with Angular Framework. Throughout the course you will learn about Angular Directory Structure, Styling Angular Components dynamically, and How interpolation works in Angular.

You will also learn how to use built-in pips in Angular, create and manage services, components, event binding and HTTP Client modules in Angular.

To keep the course simple and practical, I have divided this course in 2 sections. One for the introduction part where you get the basic knowledge and skills in Angular, and the other part covers the fundamentals of Angular and more.

In the 1st section you will learn what Angular is and what you should know to get started with Angular. Then you will learn how to install Angular via Node js. We need to work with a custom terminal emulator, so we will also learn how to install Cmder terminal for Angular.

In the 2nd section, you will learn about the fundamentals of Angular. starting from how to create a new project in Angular, structuring Angular project directory, Creating new components, Adding Bootstrap and jQuery, Data binding, Ng If and Else Statements, Decorators, services and so much more.

If you have any queries or questions throughout the course, I will always be available in the Q and A section. So please feel free to ask anything you like about the course.

Hope you have a great learning experience, All the best.
Who this course is for:

Anyone who has just completd the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and want to extent their skills in JavaScript
Anyone who is willing to build their own JavaScript based project
Anyone who wants to learn angular

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