Tom Kenyon – Ultimate Brain (35 MP3s)

Tom Kenyon – Ultimate Brain (35 MP3s)
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Is it possible to use sound to improve your brain capacity, intelligence, and creativity? An ever-increasing body of scientific evidence suggests that it is. Tom Kenyon, founder of the Acoustic Brain Research group and one of the foremost figures in the field of psychoacoustics, now brings together eight tested and verified sound programs from over two decades of research to let you develop The Ultimate Brain. The underlying foundation of The Ultimate Brain is Tom Kenyon’s “BioPulse™” technology – a subtle frequency that leads the brain naturally into different states to promote learning, creative visualization, and cognitive growth. By applying this innovative acoustic frequency in a wide array of programs, Kenyon has created a complete “gymnasium” for the brain that includes:
Eight programs to transport you immediately from the everyday beta state to the relaxed focused alpha, the rejuvenating delta, or the dream state of theta.

Active exercises that build new neurological connections – physical pathways between the two hemispheres of the brain.
Guided visualization sessions to help you break free from the “perceptual boxes” that limit learning and innovative thinking.
Deep entrainment journeys through the “magic window” of alpha and theta to help you access powerful altered states for healing and insight.
Since he began recording in 1983, thousands of Tom Kenyon’s listeners have used these programs to create positive and lasting change in their brain capacity, mental acuity, and creative power. Collected together for the first time in The Ultimate Brain, you now have eight of this psychoacoustic pioneer’s most potent and successful tools for helping you unlock the limitless potential of your own mind.

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