FrontendMasters – HTML5 Media Audio, Video and WebRTC

FrontendMasters – HTML5 Media: Audio, Video and WebRTC
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Category: CBT

HTML5 gives us power beyond what we’ve had before through native APIs in the browser delivering rich media, realtime effects and communication. In this course, you’ll get hands-on examples of building your own media players on top of HTML5 APIs. You’ll dive into camera support with getUserMedia, WebRTC for realtime communication, video effects with canvas, and get introduced to the Web Audio API for low-level audio support. [Read more…]

InfiniteSkills Introduction to WebRTC

InfiniteSkills Introduction to WebRTC
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Category: Programming | E-learning

In this Introduction to WebRTC training course, expert author Arin Sime teaches you the basic concepts of WebRTC development. This course is designed for users that already have a basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML.
You will start with an overview of WebRTC, then jump into WebRTC in a single browser.
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Pluralsight – HTML5 Audio, Video, and WebRTC

Pluralsight - HTML5 Audio, Video, and WebRTC

Title: Pluralsight – HTML5 Audio, Video, and WebRTC
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Pluralsight – WebRTC Fundamentals

Pluralsight - WebRTC Fundamentals

Title: Pluralsight – WebRTC Fundamentals
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