SANS SEC573 v2017 PDF and USB

SANS SEC573 v2017 PDF and USB
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Category: Programming | HACKING | Security

Course Syllabus
SEC573.1: Essentials Workshop with pyWars
SEC573.2: Essentials Workshop with MORE pyWars
SEC573.3: Defensive Python
SEC573.4: Forensics Python
SEC573.5: Offensive Python
SEC573.6: Capture the Flag [Read more…]

Sans 503 usb 2017

Sans 503 usb 2017
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Category: Tutorial

Reports of prominent organizations being hacked and suffering irreparable reputational damage have become all too common. How can you prevent your company from becoming the next victim of a major cyber attack?

Preserving the security of your site in today’s threat environment is more challenging than ever before. The security landscape is continually changing from what was once only perimeter protection to protecting exposed and mobile systems that are almost always connected and sometimes vulnerable. Security-savvy employees who can help detect and prevent intrusions are therefore in great demand. Our goal in SEC503: Intrusion Detection In-Depth is to acquaint you with the core knowledge, tools, and techniques to defend your networks with insight and awareness. The training will prepare you to put your new skills and knowledge to work immediately upon returning to a live environment. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – USB Forensics Fundamentals

Pluralsight – USB Forensics Fundamentals
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Category: CBTs

This course is the first in a series to cover USB in depth. Throughout the series, emphasis will be placed on USB mass storage devices which are nearly always a part of forensic investigations. USB Human Interface Devices (HID) will also be discussed as they are used in a number of attacks. This course covers the fundamentals of how USB devices interact with hosts. The course should be valuable not only to forensics and information security professionals, but to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of how USB works under the covers. [Read more…]