Pluralsight – 3ds Max Shading and Texturing Fundamentals

Pluralsight – 3ds Max Shading and Texturing Fundamentals
English | Size: 822.1MB
Category: 3ds

Have you ever wanted to create your own realistic or stylized materials in 3ds Max? In this course, 3ds Max Shading and Texturing Fundamentals, you’ll dive into the material editor and material creation. First, you’ll discover what a shader is. Next, you’ll explore procedural vs. bitmapped maps. Then, you’ll learn how to create materials such as glass and wood.
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The Gnomon Workshop – Texturing and Shading for Production

The Gnomon Workshop – Texturing and Shading for Production
English | Size: 2.5GB
Category: Tutorial

This tutorial runs through an asset from initial planning to final workflow between texturing and look development using Maya, Mari and V-Ray. From his many years in both the high demands of commercial pipelines to the high standards of feature film work, texture artist Jesse Flores goes over various techniques and efficient workflows for best tackling an asset. Planning early on and maintaining an organized scene not only keeps an asset moving smoothly through the pipeline but relieves any technical burden to the artist, freeing them to focus on what is important; the art. [Read more…]

Lynda – Photoshop Texturing and Shading Techniques

Lynda – Photoshop: Texturing and Shading Techniques
English | Size: 4.2GB
Category: CBTS

This course provides techniques you can use in Photoshop to add texture and properly shade a variety of materials and surfaces-whether fibrous, hard, translucent, three-dimensional, or organic. First, learn how to prepare an artboard and import reference images. Next, find out how shaders, highlights, shadows, color, and subsurface scattering can be leveraged to create textures and shading. Then, see how to set up seamless textures and flats, and how to adjust linework, colors, and values. Additionally, this course covers base shading and highlighting steps you can follow to control lighting and refine shadows. Last, discover how to make refinements and final touches. [Read more…]