Udemy – SEO Training 2017 Search Engine Optimization for Google

Udemy – SEO Training 2017 Search Engine Optimization for Google
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This SEO training course has been 20 years in the making. That’s how long I have been applying Search Engine Optimization techniques to websites (since April 1996 to be exact).
The thing about SEO is that the best person to do the SEO it you. It is your business. It is your website. By applying search engine optimization to your own website, you can use your own expertise to select exactly the right keyword phrases to focus on.
About 95% of SEO requires little or no technical knowledge and you do not need any programming skills. SEO is about attention to detail. There are around 200 factors that Google considers when deciding who comes first and who comes last in the search engine listing, in response to a search enquiry. You just need to make sure that you have more boxes ticked than your competitors.
This SEO training course teaches you how to think like a search engine. I will show you what Google likes and just as important, what Google does not like. [Read more…]

Lynda – SEO: Keyword Strategy

Lynda – SEO: Keyword Strategy
English | Size: 720.54 MB
Category: Tutorial

Keywords are the crucial foundation for online marketing efforts, and in this course, author Matt Bailey shows how you best structure search engine optimization and pay-per-click plans around the insights you glean from keyword research. He helps you explore the sources for keywords and build a keyword list with research and management tools like Raven Tools, Moz, SEMrush, and Wordtracker. He shows you how to filter and interpret keyword data, observe trends, and better understand the intent of the searcher, and how to develop an informed strategy and implement keywords throughout your site for maximum searchability. Matt also covers how to apply your keyword insights to Google AdWords campaigns and measure the results of your SEO and AdWords efforts. [Read more…]

Lynda.com- SEO Search Engine Optimization Getting Started

Lynda.com– SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started
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Category: Business

In SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started, author Jill Whalen explains the importance of site rankings and why search engine optimization is necessary for increasing web site traffic. The course covers choosing the best keywords, performing keyword research, augmenting keywords with search-friendly site architecture, creating social media networking strategies, and measuring the success of an SEO campaign.
[Read more…]

Udemy – SEO for WordPress

Udemy – SEO for WordPress
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Category: Business

During this SEO for WordPress online training course you will learn how to optimize your website using on-site and off-site SEO best practices.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme that promises #1 rankings overnight. Actually, it’s the opposite. It is a tried-and-true approach to SEO I use with my consulting clients.
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Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Category: Tutorial

Extend your application’s reach with a thorough understanding of modern search engine optimization (SEO). Empower search engines to index and represent your content in the best way possible!

Mike North gives you all the tips and techniques you need for your site to be easily found on Google, and teach you how to take advantage of advanced features on Facebook, and Twitter to boost user engagement. [Read more…]

Mr. X – SEO Whitehat Link Building

Mr. X – SEO Whitehat Link Building
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Category: Net: Search Engine Optimizing

Here is what you will discover in this training:
How to Quickly & Easily Build a Ecom Parasite Page that Ranks & Banks in Google Using Weebly and Popshops
The $35 Fiverr Link Building Method That will Ranks Any Website
How to Create a 301 Bridge Using a Relevant 301 Domain
How to Get True Do-Follow Links from Tumblr that Don’t Redirect
Here are the training videos that are coming over the next couple of weeks:
How to Diversify a Backlink Profile, using Audio, Video & Document Sharing Websites
How to do White Hat Link Building Using Search Engine Queries
How to do Effective Competitive Link Building Analysis & Outreach
How to Build and Rank a Datafeedr Website
How to Setup Datafeedr Blog Syndication to Social Channels
How to Rank Images in Google Image Search
Single Product & eCom Link Building – Think Amazon
Class Curriculum
Intro Video: Jimmy Kelley Introduces Mr. X
Intro Video: Jimmy Kelley Introduces Mr. X (5:26)
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Lynda.com – Morten Rand-Hendriksen – WordPress Plugins SEO

Lynda.com – Morten Rand-Hendriksen – WordPress Plugins: SEO
English | Size: 229.77 MB
Category: Comp: Web Development

Drive more visitors to your WordPress site by performing search engine optimization, or SEO, with the help of two powerful plugins. While WordPress does a pretty good job of this out of the box, you can make it a lot more visible to search engine and social media networks. Learn to deploy the two most prevalent SEO plugins-All in One SEO Pack and Yoast’s WordPress SEO-and use them to boost your online presence. [Read more…]

Complete ON-PAGE SEO guide

Complete ON-PAGE SEO guide
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Category: CBTs

Correct on-page SEO easily and on your own so that you can quickly move on to off-page SEO & rank your website in Google
In this course I will walk you through the tools and tactics you need to have near perfect on-site SEO for your website.
If you are new to SEO or are struggling to get your website to rank well in Google search, you may be wondering what is the matter, and when you will finally begin to rank.
SEO is often made into something extremely complex, but the truth is that it is very simple. Your on-page SEO must target the right keywords in the correct fashion, and you must gain domain authority with you off-site SEO.

In this course you will learn how to do great on-page and on-site SEO. Once you master your on-page and on-site SEO, you will free up your time to begin working on your off-page domain authority building and getting your website to rank better.

Harlan Kilstein – Reverse SEO Method 2017 + OTO

Harlan Kilstein – Reverse SEO Method 2017 + OTO
English | Size: 1.56 GB
Category: Business

Week One: Which are the best niches for the Reverse SEO Method?
How to Research
How to Test
Secret Method [Don’t Share] (How To Study What’s Really Going On In the Niche)
Week Two: Installing The Theme And Site Set Up
What if you Want To Use A Mobile Theme
The Plugins You’ll Need
Simple or Drop Dead Simple. Which One Is Right For You?
Minimal Content or Zero Content – Which One Is Right For You?
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jJoshua Earp – SEO Mastery Course

jJoshua Earp – SEO Mastery Course
English | Size: 3.96 GB
Category: Business

I Will Personally See What You Need To Focus On To Drive Traffic
Help You Find The Perfect Keywords You Need To Drive Traffic To Your Site.
How To Find Revenue Drags In Your Business To Instantly Increase Your Revenue.

How To Generate Leads and Close Your First Sale Quickly.
How To Position and Frame Yourself As Only Viable Option.
How To Leverage Neuro Linguistic Programming and Embedded Commands To Turn Low Paying Clients To High Paying ones. [Read more…]