Scott Young – Rapid Learner Course

Scott Young – Rapid Learner Course
English | Size: 5.55 GB
Category: CBTs

Rapid Learner will guide you through a strategy for learning almost anything, as effectively and efficiently as possible. Each week will introduce a new topic, allowing you to build a foundation of more effective learning, before moving onto the next topic. [Read more…]

Bootstrap 4 Rapid web development framework HTML CSS JS (2016)

Bootstrap 4 Rapid web development framework HTML CSS JS (2016)(1)
English | Size: 1.06 GB
Category: Tutorial

What Will I Learn?
Use Bootstrap 4 to create websites quickly
Learn about the Changes from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4
Access, setup and use Bootstrap in web projects
Create websites from scratch using Bootstrap 4
learn how to build Bootstrap 3 which is Bootstrap 4 ready
create mobile ready responsive websites rapidly
[Read more…]

Pluralsight – Rapid ES6 Training

Pluralsight – Rapid ES6 Training
English | Size: 439.84 MB
Category: Tutorial

Stay up to date with the new syntax and features of the latest version of javascript, ES6. You’ll learn about features like rest and spread operators, the new ‘symbol’ type, as well as Iterators, Generators, Promises, and more.
Mark started in the developer world over 25 years ago. He began his career with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from St. Johns University. After spending 10 years on Wall Street working for Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and other major investment banks, Mark became interested in animation and video game software. [Read more…]