Pluralsight – Unity Physics Fundamentals

Pluralsight – Unity Physics Fundamentals
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Nearly every game today utilizes physics in some fashion. This course, Unity Physics Fundamentals, will give you the knowledge you need to understand Unity’s physics engine and allow you create rich, simulated experiences. First, you’ll learn to work with triggers, colliders, and rigidbody parameters. Next, you’ll dive into working with joints. After that, you’ll explore ragdoll physics. Finally, you’ll bring your knowledge together by building a car with wheel colliders. By the end of this course, you’ll have a foundational understanding of using the best uses of physics in Unity. [Read more…]

PHY101 – Introduction to Physics

PHY101 – Introduction to Physics
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In this follow up to Introduction to Math (MTH101), one of our most successful courses of the last few terms,
Mike Seymour and Steve Anderson tackle Physics 101.This course is designed to give you the basis in reality
to understand real world phenomenon such as inertia, how to fly, fluid sims, and breaking stuff up.

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Math Tutor – The Unit Conversion Training

Math Tutor - The Unit Conversion Training

Title: Math Tutor – The Unit Conversion Training
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