Brad P – 10 Minute Seduction [MP3 + PDF]

Brad P – 10 Minute Seduction [MP3 + PDF]
English | Size: 501.84 MB
Category: Seduction: Audio

I’ve organized the Pheromone Kid interviews, along with some additional materials – into a package I’m calling 10 Minute Seduction.
Let me tell you in detail what you’ll discover in these interviews…

Why it doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, have no car, no money, or no place to bring a girl…. you can still pull this 10-minute seduction pattern off. In fact, The Pheromone Kid was "chubby" when he first started doing this!
How to completely skip past the "friend zone" — this seduction pattern isn’t just for quick, dirty sex with girls you just met. It’s also a guaranteed way you never get stuck in the friend zone with a girl you want to sleep with. [Read more…]

SANS 524 – Cloud Security Fundamentals – PDF

SANS 524 – Cloud Security Fundamentals – PDF
English | Size: 743.19 MB
Category: e-books

SANS Cloud Security Trainning

PDF 1 – 225 pages:

Cloud intro and sec challenges
Infra security
policy risk and governance
Compliance and legal [Read more…]

SANS SEC573 v2017 PDF and USB

SANS SEC573 v2017 PDF and USB
English | Size: 3.88 GB
Category: Programming | HACKING | Security

Course Syllabus
SEC573.1: Essentials Workshop with pyWars
SEC573.2: Essentials Workshop with MORE pyWars
SEC573.3: Defensive Python
SEC573.4: Forensics Python
SEC573.5: Offensive Python
SEC573.6: Capture the Flag [Read more…]

SANS 760 PDF 2014

SANS 760 PDF 2014
English | Size: 159.55 MB
Category: HACKING | Security | others

SEC760 Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers [Read more…]

SANS 518 Mac Forensic Analysis PDFs & MP3 (2015)

SANS 518: Mac Forensic Analysis PDFs & MP3 (2015)
English | Size: 2.25 GB
Category: Tutorial

Mac and iOS Fundamentals: How to analyze and parse the Hierarchical File System (HFS+) by hand and recognize the specific domains of the logical file system and Mac-specific file types.
User Activity: How to understand and profile users through their data files and preference configurations.

Advanced Analysis and Correlation: How to determine how a system has been used or compromised by using the system and user data files in correlation with system log files.
Apple Technologies: How to understand and analyze many Mac and iOS specific technologies, including Time Machine, Spotlight, iCloud, Document Versions, FileVault, Continuity, and FaceTime. [Read more…]

Conquer Tinder [PDF]

Conquer Tinder [PDF]
English | Size: 16.12 MB
Category: Seduction: Written

How to quickly and easily meet girls on Tinder…
Stop being clever, stop getting creative, use my proven system to get what you want even if you have abysmal social skills and look like a troll…

My strategy has gotten me laid, my wings laid, and most importantly my readers laid! The strategy takes the guess work out of messaging with simple yet effective messages that aren’t: creepy, weird, out-of-the-ordinary, or incongruent with who you are. [Read more…]

v2015 SANS 580 PDF

v2015 SANS 580 PDF { Hit the like button }

v2015 SANS 580 PDF
English | Size: 90.49 MB
Category: HACKING | Security

Course Syllabus
SEC580.1: Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing: Day 1
SEC580.2: Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing: Day 2

At the end of my time in London I had the chance to sit in on the new SANS SEC580 class (Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing).

This 2-day class is designed to “show students how to apply the incredible capabilities of the Metasploit Framework in a comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessment regimen, according to a thorough methodology for performing effective tests”. With Ed Skoudis and John Strand behind the class I had high hopes for something that really goes into the depths of Metasploit.

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v2015 SANS 526 PDF+Netwars

v2015 SANS 526 PDF+Netwars { Hit the Like Button }
English | Size: 1.89 GB
Category: Tutorial

Course Syllabus
FOR526.1: Foundations in Memory Analysis and Acquisition
FOR526.2: Unstructured Analysis and Process Exploration
FOR526.3: Investigating the User via Memory Artifacts

FOR526.4: Internal Memory Structures
FOR526.5: Memory Analysis on Platforms Other than Windows
FOR526.6: Memory Analysis Challenges

The Zen Titan (2017) [7 Videos (MP4) +1 pdf ]

The Zen Titan (2017) [7 Videos (MP4) +1 pdf ]
English | Size: 501.80 MB
Category: Net: Marketing

So Are You Ready To Take Your Affiliate Business To The Next Level? Are you in? OK great. The first step is to click on the order button below.
You’ll get Instant Access to the Zen Titan “tool-suite”, with all 4 super powerful video softwares:
Zen Niches – pre-loaded with 100+ profitable affiliate niches making thousands of dollars per day

Zen Affiliate – quickly research affiliate programs for any niche keyword then add it to your personal database
Zen Spinner – which turns your product research into a spun mini-article to export as an article or voice over script [Read more…]

Kenrick Cleveland – Meta Model October 2017 [MP3, PDF]

Kenrick Cleveland – Meta Model October 2017 [MP3, PDF]
English | Size: 181.11 MB
Category: Hypnosis / NLP

In a large zip lock bag is 1,000 different puzzle pieces. And since you are missing the box cover… …you have zero idea what picture you are trying to assemble. You begin by… dumping all the pieces on the floor and matching up what you can …looking for patterns… testing if pieces interlock together.
Not an easy task!
Well, that is exactly how most people go about trying to influence and persuade others during a conversation. [Read more…]