Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling (Unified & Complete)

Kenrick Cleveland – Unconscious Neuro Modelling (Unified & Complete)
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Unconscious Persuasion. You deserve some history. When John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed NLP, before they even had that name, they modeled people in different professions. Of course, everyone knows that they modeled Virginia Satir, the family therapist, and Milton Erickson MD, the legendary Hypnotherapist. But they modeled people in many other professions. It was their intent to publish these other models in other books until they split up and these models were lost forever. They modeled a number of the most highly effective salespeople in the world to elicit their core patterns. This master, who shuns publicity and enjoys retirement, was one of those Bandler and Grinder modeled. But, because what he did defied structure and challenged some of their beliefs, they never included his teachings in NLP. And there they were languishing… until now. We Broke the Code and Are Spilling the Beans. After hours of observation and hundreds of hours on the phone and in person, my friend and I broke this teacher’s code. No code breaker at the NSA or the CIA ever felt more satisfaction when we were able to replicate these teachings to others. And let me tell you something. No matter how good you are, these secrets are a whole new level. When you employ these totally unconscious techniques in your sales presentation, you will close more sales. Look, I’ve been selling and persuading my whole life. I’ve read every book on the subject. But this is a new dimension. We call it "Unconscious Persuasion". [Read more…]

Richard Bandler – Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning Audio

Richard Bandler – Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning Audio
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These videos are entertaining, funny, and mindblowing. A must have for anyone with an interest in NLP.
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Experience the magic of Dr Richard Bandler as he introduces you to his innovative discoveries of the mind with Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning™. This series of videos were recorded live in Edinburgh, the first time Richard taught his new technologies in Europe.
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