Sitepoint – Premium EBook Bundle

Sitepoint – Premium EBook Bundle
English | Size: 2.34 GB
Category: Tutorial

Books List:
– AngularJS Novice to Ninja
– Better PHP Development
– Bootstrap_A SitePoint Anthology
– Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices
– Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications
– Build Your Own ASP.NET4 Website Using C# & VB
– Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL
– Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website using Dreamweaver 8 [Read more…]

Magic Leone How to talk to Women (13 DVD-AVI , 5 Ebook-PDF)

Magic Leone : How to talk to Women (13 DVD-AVI , 5 Ebook-PDF)
English | Size: 5.75 GB
Category: Dating

T.E.A.S.E stands for Tonality, Eye Contact, Animation, Sexual Escalation and Energy. Put simply T.E.A.S.E are the
elements that make a man appear charismatic and charming.
T.E.A.S.E is not just physical traits but also the mindset that brings the best elements out in a man. As a result women
are uncontrollably drawn and attracted to a man who has his T.E.A.S.E in control.
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Real-Time Rendering (eBook – Native PDF)

Real-Time Rendering (eBook – Native PDF)
English | Size: 25.1MB
Category: CBTs

The rest of this page is dedicated to providing information related to the book’s contents: new techniques, worthwhile websites, etc. After coverage of books and graphics APIs, the page is organized into categories based on the book. We also have a portal page that is an extremely condensed set of some of the best links available; we won’t repeat these here (much).
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Cisco Data Center eBook Collection Nexus NX-OS UCS MDS

Cisco Data Center eBook Collection Nexus NX-OS UCS MDS
English | Size: 233.68 MB
Category: CBTs

A selection of Cisco Press PDF ebooks,
Data Center Fundamentals
Cisco UCS
Storage Network Fundamentals
Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals
Introducting Cisco Data Center Technologies Vol 1
Introducting Cisco Data Center Technologies Vol 2
NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching 2nd Edition [Read more…]

Computer Forensics eBook Collection

Computer Forensics eBook Collection
English | Size: 1.61 GB
Category: e-Books

CD and DVD Forensics (2007).pdf
CHFI 1 – Evidence Collection & Preservation (EC-Council, 2010).pdf
CHFI 2 – Investigating Hard Disk & Operating Systems (EC-Council, 2010).pdf
CHFI 3 – Investigating Data And Image Files (EC-Council, 2010).pdf
CHFI 4 – Investigating Network Intrusions and Cybercrime (EC-Council, 2010).pdf
CHFI 5 – Investigating Wireless Networks and Devices (EC-Council, 2010).pdf
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