Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy
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It’’s extremely rare that the hottest stand-up comedian in the country would sit down and give away all of his secrets.

1. First Time Funny
2. Robert Klein’s Influence
3. Education
4. Comedy Club Training
5. Why Comedy?
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David Deangelo – Cocky Comedy (M4B audio)

David Deangelo – Cocky Comedy (M4B audio)
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One of the most obvious "common denominators" that I found when I was meeting guys who were "naturals" with women… was their ability to make women LAUGH and SMILE. The more I saw this, the more I thought that these guys must understand how to be "funny". This turned out to be only PART of the equation. The REST of the equation was the HOW.
r observing many interactions between men and women, I started to notice a pattern… Many of the things that the "successful" guys were saying to women weren’t what you might call "nice". They weren’t sweet, affectionate "please like me" words. And they weren’t a bunch of "jokes" that you might hear from a stand-up comedian. No, this was something different. [Read more…]