Phlearn Pro – Lightroom 101 & 201

Phlearn Pro – Lightroom 101 & 201
English | Size: 11.9GB
Category: Tutorial

This Lightroom 101 & 201 PRO Bundle is fun, easy, and full of information. If you are interested in workflow, 16 bit editing, copyright, folder structure, importing, exporting, and making your images come to life, this is the perfect tutorial bundle for you!
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SLR lighting 201 part 1

SLR lighting 201 part 1
English | Size: 8.3 GB
Category: Tutorial

Chapters Covered :

Zip_01/01_01 – Chapter 1 Intro.mp4574.5 MB
Zip_01/01_03 – Lighting 101 Speed Review.mp4450.0 MB
Zip_03/02_12 – Our Favorite Ultra Portable OCF Light Modifiers.mp4433.7 MB
Zip_04/03_03 – Over Powering the Sun – Part I.mp4387.2 MB
Zip_03/02_09 – 5 Simple Steps to Trouble Shooting Radios OCFs.mp4353.7 MB
Zip_01/02_02 – Wired Infrared or Radio.mp4349.2 MB
Zip_02/02_05 – 4 More Flahses Pocket Strobes Worth Looking At.mp4340.1 MB
Zip_05/03_08 – Bare Bulbing With Large Groups.mp4339.2 MB
Zip_05/03_09 – Back Light to Create Interest.mp4314.9 MB
Zip_04/02_17 – Gear Setup – Setting Up a Manual Flash Big Boom Stick.mp4313.9 MB
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