Videohive – Fusion Typography 2.0

Videohive – Fusion Typography 2.0
English | Size: 475.6MB
Category: Tutorial

– 70+ Ready For Use Typography Scenes;
– After Effects CS5.5 and Above;
– Ability to use in Premiere Pro (via the Dynamic Link);
– Resolution Full HD and 4K;
– No Plugins Required;
– Works for all language of After Effects;
– Video tutorials included;
– Fast Render;
– Color Control;
– Perfect for Social Media Ads and Video Covers. [Read more…]

Dr. Bradley Nelson – The Body Code System 2.0 [31 MP4, 5 PDF]

Dr. Bradley Nelson – The Body Code System 2.0 [31 MP4, 5 PDF]
English | Size: 16.60 GB
Category: Self Improvement

Do you want to acquire a deeper understanding of the elegant and critical systems of the Body?
Do you want to learn how you can pinpoint any health imbalance and correct it in just minutes?
Then stay with me as I take you on an incredible journey into the miraculous world of energy healing and balancing. It is a journey that will not only open your eyes to the true reality of our universe but it will also give you the tools you need to help yourself, and those you love reach new levels of health and wellness.
I have spent over 23 years as Chiropractor and a Holistic Doctor and what I am going to share with you in the next few minutes will forever change the way you look at the human body, the healing arts and perhaps even your own existence. [Read more…]

Udemy – The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Udemy – The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
English | Size: 3.24 GB
Category: Tutorial

Curriculum For This Course
Getting Started
Bootstrap 4
Mobile Apps
HTML 5 & CSS 3 Special Features [Read more…]

Talmadge Harper – Sexy Healthy Body 2.0

Talmadge Harper – Sexy Healthy Body 2.0
English | Size: 263.25 MB
Category: Health / Fitness / Massage

Easily enjoy the sexy and healthy body of your dreams powered by your subconscious desire and motivation, all made possible through the power of a simple hypnosis subliminal.

Thanks to Shanegambler for the upload. [Read more…]

Flow Genome Project – Flow Fundamentals 2.0

Flow Genome Project – Flow Fundamentals 2.0
English | Size: 627.25 MB
Category: Everything Else

Course outline and our approach A Fully Customized Flow Profile
What to expect
So you know exactly when, where and how you most easily get into Flow, and how that’s developed over the course of your life, so you can get more of it more easily than ever
Flow Trigger Training Missions
Where you get to choose your level of challenge and go out into the world with specific tasks that ramp up your “Flow prone-ness” dramatically
Cutting edge research, theory and models [Read more…]

John Carlton – Simple Writing System 2.0

John Carlton – Simple Writing System 2.0
English | Size: 5.42 GB
Category: Business

Once you understand the fundamentals and advanced salesmanship techniques I teach, you will never be frustrated or intimidated by any new marketing channel or technology. You will know exactly how to write what needs to be written to make the sale, every time.
John Carlton’s “Simple Writing System 2.0” Is Ready To Roll!
We’ve just released the updated and completely awesome NEW version of the famous Simple Writing System.
. and it’s now ready for you to dive in and finally learn:
How To Write Everything You’ll Ever Need To
Make Your Business Wildly Successful.
[Read more…]