Symfony RESTful API

Symfony RESTful API
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In this series, we get to work: by building the same API in the REST series, but leveraging all the amazing tools and libraries of the Symfony framework. If terminology like representations, resources, and hypermedia are new to you, start with the REST series and then come back. And get ready to get your (API) mind blown.

Build your first functional POST endpoint
Decoding the Request body
Using forms to handle incoming data
Writing tests for your API

GET, PUT, DELETE and PATCH endpoints
Using the JMS Serializer

Handling Form Validation errors and response
Disabling csrf_protection
Introducing the api-problem JSON format
Exception Listener!

REST Pagination
Including next/prev pagination links
Filtering collections
Advanced serialization customization (serializer subscriber)
Including links via custom annotations
Evaluating expressions
Making embedded resources configurable/conditional

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