Sir Peter Ustinov – In the Paths of the Gods Demeter, The Miracle of Fertility [1 DVD – 1 AVI] FLOTW 6 Oct – 12 Oct 2017

Sir Peter Ustinov – In the Paths of the Gods: Demeter, The Miracle of Fertility [1 DVD – 1 AVI] *FLOTW 6 Oct – 12 Oct 2017*
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This series tells the stories of the Greek gods and heroes, vividly narrated by one of today’s greatest storytellers, Sir Peter Ustinov. Filmed in Greece at Mount Olympus, Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and on the islands of Delos and Samathras, these programs retrace the origins of Greek mythology and explain the rivalries between the gods. The programs explore the human search for meaning in the chaotic forces of nature and the universe above, and remind contemporary audiences of the relevance of myths and legends for our own time.

The earth is the foundation of all Greek mythology, for it was the abundance of the earth that caused the birth of the sky and the formation of the universe. This program begins in Eleusis, one of the oldest sanctuaries dedicated to Demeter and site of the Eleusinian Mysteries. We learn about Triptolemus, who taught mortals the art of agriculture, and visit Thessaly-home to the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the Greek version of Noah’s Ark. We hear stories about Charon, and about Persephone’s reunion with her mother at Eleusis-whose stones are the silent witnesses to the ancient rites of spring and the orgies of autumn. (26 minutes)

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