Sans – SEC560 Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Sans – SEC560 Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
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Section 0 – Getting started with your OnDemand SANS series
0.1 Welcome to your Sans OnDemand course
0.2 Introduction to Lab exercises
Section 1 – Comprehensive pen testing planning, scoping and reconnaissance
1.1 Pen testing foundations
1.2 Pen testing process
1.3 Reconnaissance
1.4 Appendix intro to Linux

Section 2 – In-Depth scanning
2.1 Scanning for targets
2.2 Profiling the target
2.3 vulnerability scanning
2.4 Enumerating users
2.5 Netcat for the pentester

Section 3 – Exploitation
3.1 Exploitation fundamentals
3.2 Metasploit
3.3 AV Evasion with Veil-Evision
3.4 Metasploit database and tool integration
3.5 Port pivot relay
3.6 Post-exploitation with Empire

Section 4 – Post-exploitation and merciless pivoting
4.1 Moving files with exploits
4.2 Windows command line Kung-Fu for penetration testing
4.3 Remotely run Windows commands
4.4 Powershell Kung-Fu for penetration testers
4.5 Password attacks
4.6 Password representation formats
4.7 Advanced hash manipulation

Section 5 – In-depth password attack and Web App
5.1 Overview of password attack and Web App pen testing
5.2 Advanced password attacks
5.3 Pass the hash attacks
5.4 Web vulnerability scanning and Web Proxies
5.5 Injection attacks

Section 6 – Penetration test and capture the flag Workshop
6.1 Penetration testing workshop

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