Richard Robinson – Mastering Color

Richard Robinson – Mastering Color
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Chapter 1 – ‘Color Theory’
Chapter 2 – ‘Seeing Color’
This chapter explores why it’s SO hard to see, analyze and paint color well – explaining some of the problems we’ll be overcoming when we get the paints out in the following chapters.

Chapter 3 – ‘Describing Color’

Having a standard way to describe color lets us think about color more clearly, which leads to better color decisions. Learn the best method to conceptualize color when analyzing color in nature AND when mixing on the palette.

Chapter 4 – ‘Value’

Value is the basis of all good color work – you might have heard me say, ‘get the value right and you’re 90% of the way there’. Well, this chapter shows you how to get it right ALL the time.

Chapter 5 – ‘Mixing Color’

It all comes together in this chapter. This is a no-nonsense explanation of the fundamental principles every artist needs to know to be able to see, analyze and apply color with a logical, straight forward approach.

Chapter 6 – ‘Manipulating Color’

What makes professional paintings look SO good? This chapter sets your feet on the path to discovering it for yourself. Learn to use color as a tool for expressing your vision, like a composer uses notes and chords to create a symphony.

Chapter 7 – ‘Color Harmony’

How do you get all those colors to work together? I’ve broken this complex subject down into easy chunks for you so you can have fun with it.

Chapter 8 – ‘Light Effects’

This is what made me fall in love with painting – the ability to portray the effects
of light convincingly on canvas.

Lesson Workbooks Included.

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