RENDERWAVE’S COLORPEDIA Vol. 1 – Render Wave [PDF + resources]

RENDERWAVE’S COLORPEDIA Vol. 1 – Render Wave [PDF + resources]
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A massive how-to guide for everything to do with digital painting and comic book coloring + digital resource archive.

RENDERWAVE’S COLORPEDIA is a 200+ page full color book , measuring 8.75 X 11.75, covering everything to do with digital painting and comic book coloring. The book is broken down into 5 sections + a digital archive full of resources to aid you in your art quest.

SECTION 1 is all about color theory. Here you will learn the basics of color psychology, how color affects the way the viewer sees your art and how to use that to your advantage to make your art more impactful. SECTION 2: Rendering. This section covers a huge range of painting techniques & concepts. Here you will find everything from the basics of rendering shapes, to different kinds of rendering styles, shading & lighting lessons, as well as advanced painting methods and technical skills like adjustment layers and clipping masks. All taught by a diverse group of artists. SECTION 3 is specifically about comic book coloring. While this section deals with the process and workflow that is especially suited to coloring comic books, the information and lessons in this section are applicable and helpful to any kind of digital painting. SECTION 4 is dedicated to artist features and tutorials where top tier artists will lead you through their own process and teach you their own personal methods and tricks. Finally SECTION 5 is the TUTORIAL LIBRARY. Here you will find over 50 single page tutorials on how to paint a wide variety of common and not so common subjects.

We wanted to give you more than lessons and techniques. We wanted to provide you with tools to improve your art and build your own archive of assets. The digital resource archive is full of useful items like custom brushes, swatches, gradients and textures. You will also receive the complete and lettered black and white files for Light # 1 to practice your rendering skills on.

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