React JS vs Angular vs Vue JS – Quickstart & Comparison

React JS vs Angular vs Vue JS – Quickstart & Comparison
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After learning the basics about JavaScript, the JavaScript world can be very intimidating. There are lots of different frameworks like Angular, React or Vue, libraries and other packages (like webpack).
You’ll quickly see yourself ask these questions:
What do all these packages, tools, libraries and frameworks do?
What IS a library and what’s the difference to a framework?
Which framework should you learn? Angular, React.js or Vue.js?
What about jQuery?
This course will help you with that!

You’ll get an introduction into the three most important JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React.js and Vue.js) and you’ll also get a detailed comparison! This will then allow you to pick other resources or courses to dive super-deep into your chosen framework whilst having a solid foundation already.

Throughout the course, we’ll dive into the basics of these frameworks but we’ll also have a look at why we use them to begin with. The role of jQuery and how these frameworks differ from jQuery will be clarified, too!

Which framework should you learn?

Not only are we going to dive into the basics of the three most popular JavaScript frameworks, this course will also draw a detailed comparison. A couple of different dimensions will be considered to find out which framework might be the perfect tool for the job you have at hand!

This course won’t stop at this point though!

We’ll also have a look at Webpack and “Build workflows” in general. You’ll learn which role these (and the respective packages like Webpack) play and why we need them. You will also understand which role ES6 and TypeScript play.

Here’s a detailed overview over what you’ll get!

An introduction to today’s JavaScript world and an immediate overview over the different roles of the individual pieces
A practical example showing you why vanilla JavaScript (=without any libraries or frameworks) might NOT be all you need
An overview what JavaScript frameworks are and where to use them
Detailed introductions to the three most relevant JavaScript frameworks as of today: Angular (2, 4), React.js and Vue.js
An introduction to Webpack and why we use it (and build workflows in general)
A detailed comparison of the three frameworks shown in this course – when could you pick which?
A detailed understanding of the JavaScript world as it is today
Is this course for you?

Now that you learned what this course offers, let’s find out if it’s the right choice for you. It’s definitely the right choice if you can answer at least one of the following questions with "YES":

You have basic JavaScript experience and want to learn how to use libraries or frameworks to "do more with JavaScript"
You’re not sure which JavaScript (frontend) framework you should learn
You already know something about JavaScript frameworks but want to get a basic introduction to the three most important ones
You already know either Angular, React.js or Vue.js but also want to get an overview over the other two frameworks
You’re totally confused by the many terms the JavaScript world throws at you
I’d be very happy to welcome you on board of this course!

Who is the target audience?
Everyone who’s interested in diving deeper into JavaScript and wants to learn a JavaScript framework
Anyone who isn’t sure which JavaScript framework to choose
Anyone confused by the many options, packages and tools JavaScript development offers

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