Questa Complete Font Collection

Questa Complete Font Collection
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Questa is a serif typeface designed by Dutch type designers Jos Buivenga and Martin Majoor. It was released in 2014 as part of the Questa superfamily which includes Questa Sans and Questa Grande. Questa is a serif in the Modern style, but unlike other Modern typefaces such as Didot or Bodoni, it is suitable as a text face due to its larger than normal x-height and toned-down contrast.

Questa, a serifed typeface
The contrast within Questa’s characters is relatively high. At the same time the thin parts and the unbracketed serifs are strong enough to prevent the characters from breaking open. Questa doesn’t have the ball terminals typical of many Didot-like typefaces. Instead its shape is a teardrop terminal with a sharp-pointed ending. The proportions between x-height, capitals, and ascenders/descenders are very much adapted to present-day needs. This means, compared to Didot, the x-height of Questa is rather big and the capitals are relatively small.

The numerals in Questa italic have a clearly different contrast than their counterparts in the roman. Where the stress in the roman shapes is in the vertical elements of the numerals; in the italic this is reversed, very much as can be seen in the lowercase ‘z’ of the roman and italic. The strong text colour of both roman and italic makes Questa extremely suitable for print as well as for use on screens.

Questa Sans
The way the sans was going to look was a logical outcome of the process of cutting away the hairline serifs, changing the contrast, and optically correcting its shapes. Ultimately the whole process of deriving a sans from Questa serif resulted in a typeface much in the spirit of the first serious sans text faces, like Akzidenz Grotesk.

The italic of Questa Sans is modeled on the italic of its serifed counterpart, which results in a ‘real’ italic. The whole construction is essentially different than that of the roman. The angle is not more than 8°, better than the 13° to 16° that most sloped/oblique typefaces need.

Questa Grande is more elegant and refined in its details. The rather robust unbracketed serifs that can be found in the text version of Questa have been replaced by thin hairline serifs.

Questa Slab is even directly based on Questa Sans, often just by attaching thick bracketed serifs. For its italic the, serifs are treated in another manner. Rather than attaching straight bracketed serifs all over, the bottom serifs in the lowercase italics are more like ‘bended’ stems. This feature makes the whole appearance of Questa Slab italic more round and friendly, a feature that is rarely seen in slab serif typefaces.

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