Python from Scratch LiveLessons ( (Video Training)

Python from Scratch LiveLessons ( (Video Training)
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Python from Scratch LiveLessons is a gentler, more entertaining, and more practical starting point to learning the Python programming language. Unlike the typical approach to teaching a programming language that covers each feature section by section, this course is structured more like a cooking class. You can follow along and execute all the code being demonstrated in an interactive notebook as you watch the video, much the same way you would watch a cooking video in your kitchen.

What You Will Learn
• How to use the interactive Jupyter notebook platform to execute simple commands
• How to use the import statement to use external code and read input from an external
• How to work with strings and how to use indexing operators How to write program controls
• How to use built-in types and write/use user-defined types How to access elements in
• How to use if and elif control structures
• How to take advantage of dictionaries and tuples
• How to write complex functions
• How to use keyword arguments in functions
• How to write classes and use inheritance
• How to read data in and push data out to other programs
• How to create callbacks and mock classes
• How to use third-party libraries

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