Pluralsight – Windows Store Apps – Data Binding in Depth

Pluralsight - Windows Store Apps - Data Binding in Depth

Title: Pluralsight – Windows Store Apps – Data Binding in Depth
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Learn how to create data-driven Windows Store Apps by using Data Bindings, Data Templates, and WinRT’s Data Controls.

Every App displays some kind of data. When developing Windows Store Apps, you can use WinRT’s Data Binding to bind the User Interface of your App to that data. With Data Bindings, there’s no need to create Event Handlers to synchronize the data between different Controls in your UI, instead the Data Binding will do that job for you. The Data Binding-infrastructure of XAML-based frameworks is the base for the famous Model-View-ViewModel pattern (MVVM). This course teaches you how to use Data Bindings with all the tips and tricks you need to know. You’ll learn how to create Data Bindings in XAML and C#, how to debug Data Bindings, how to use different data sources for a Data Binding like Dependency Properties, .NET Properties, Resources, relative Sources, and Collections. Beside that, you’ll learn how to render your data-objects with DataTemplates, how to use the WinRT-Data Controls like ListView and GridView, and how to create Design-Time data. Throughout this course you’ll see many demonstrations that demonstrate best practices, like grouping with CollectionViews, using a Semantic Zoom, implementing an Incremental Loading of data, using a ViewModelLocator, creating Design-Time-Data in Blend, and many more.

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