Pluralsight – Techniques for Effective Character Skinning in Maya

Pluralsight – Techniques for Effective Character Skinning in Maya
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Creating a character rig is only half the work of the rigging process, and easily done by using auto rigs. However, connecting a rig to your character model is the challenging part. In this course, Techniques for Effective Character Skinning in Maya, you’ll learn how a humanoid character model will be bound to Maya’s quick rig to demonstrate a skinning technique that effectively leads to an appealing deformation. First, you’ll explore joint placement and what to watch out for when defining your joints position.

Next, you’ll discover a workflow that allows you to create a perfectly functioning skinning, along with taking a look at how to twist joints. Finally, you’ll dive into corrective blend shapes, which will be applied to make the deformation work efficiently. By the end of this course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to create any deformation on a desired pose in Maya. Software required: Maya.

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