Pluralsight – Python Quick Start for Linux System Administrators

Pluralsight – Python Quick Start for Linux System Administrators
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Python is a widely used scripting language on Linux. This course will teach you the core of the Python language and how to combine python scripts with other Linux tools.
System administrators invariably write scripts to help automate the work they do, but rarely have time to learn a language from top to bottom. They just need enough to get the job done. In this course, Python Quick Start for Linux System Administrators, you’ll quickly get immersed in the Python language in the context of realistic system administration tasks. First, you’ll survey the various development environments and learn the core language features.

Next, you’ll meet the key library modules that allow Python scripts to interact with the rest of the Linux system. Finally, you’ll explore processing and modifying text files. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills to write simple (and not so simple) sysadmin scripts in Python and have an understanding of the "pythonic" mindset.

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