Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Non-destructive Methods to Enhance Creativity

Pluralsight – Photoshop CC Non-destructive Methods to Enhance Creativity
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Although it’s possible to create amazing images in Photoshop, you may have discovered that the software isn’t really built for true experimentation and creativity. This is because by nature, Photoshop works in a linear manner – and this can be very limiting when it comes to experimenting. In this course, Photoshop CC Non-destructive Methods to Enhance Creativity, you’ll learn methods that give you virtually unlimited freedom to experiment and let your creative juices flow.

First, you’ll cover the drawback of relying on the History Brush and Panel, and multiple undos. Next, you’ll explore how to leverage Smart Filters and Smart Objects for creative experimentation. Finally, you’ll learn about the power of using Adjustment Layers and Camera Raw Smart Objects, and how to use lessor-known layer blending options to open up more creative choices. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a wide range of skills to implement non-destructive methods in Photoshop, that will allow you to focus on being creative with virtually unlimited freedom to experiment. Software required: Photoshop CC.

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