Pluralsight – Maya Dynamics Common Effects Techniques

Pluralsight – Maya Dynamics Common Effects Techniques
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Commonly used effects in VFX and animation have been used on a number of award winning shows. In this course, you’ll learn how these effects can be created in under 30 minutes whether you are an animator, lighter, modeler, or FX artist.
Have you ever wanted to have a few solid effects under your belt to create in a time crunch? In this course, Maya Dynamics: Common Effects Techniques, you’ll learn how to create two simple separate scenes, and start adding all the effects on top to create a final shot.

First, you’ll begin by creating a scene where you’ll discover how to create blood, shattered glass, and dust effects. Next, you’ll dive into the next scene where you’ll create a logo animation utilizing fantasy effects. Finally, you’ll learn how to efficiently render these effects, and how they work together in compositing. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding of how these effects can be useful, and be able to create them in under 30 minutes

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