Pluralsight – Keeping up with Technology

Pluralsight – Keeping up with Technology
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Technology professionals who don’t keep up with technology soon become ex-technology professionals. Learn how you can efficiently keep up in fields where change is rapid, available knowledge keeps expanding, and current knowledge becomes obsolete.

Keeping up with evolving technology doesn’t happen by accident – it takes deliberate strategy – what to learn, how to learn, when to learn, and how to compete. It’s essential to learn how to keep up efficiently. In this course,

Keeping up with Technology, you’ll get started on developing your own strategy for improving your learning efficiency so you can win at the technology career race. First, you’ll explore different strategies to efficiently keep up with the latest technology. Next, you’ll learn which technologies you should keep up with, how to determine when to learn them, and how to find the time. Finally, you’ll discover techniques to help you learn efficiently, and how to keep up with technology as a marathon to build a long-lasting career. By the end of this course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to maximize your learning efficiency and time when keeping up with today’s evolving world of technology.

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