Pluralsight – Debugging Chronicles Part 3

Pluralsight - Debugging Chronicles Part 3

Title: Pluralsight – Debugging Chronicles Part 3
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Welcome to Part 3 of Debugging Chronicles. In this course we take a look at several different tools that can make the debugging and development process as a whole much more efficient. While we strive to become highly efficient debuggers it is also worth taking a look at some tools that can help us avoid the debuggers to begin with. In this course, we look at Static Source Code Analysis of Visual Studio 2012, Introduction to Debugging Windows 8 applications, the all new JSCRIPT Memory Analysis feature of Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 as well as x64 debugging.

Debugging JSCRIPT Memory Issues Using VS2012 and Windows 8

Circular References
Excessive Memory Consumption
Demo: Debugging a Leaky JSCRIPT application using the Visual Studio 2012 JSCRIPT Memory Analyzer

Introduction to Windows 8 Debugging

Required Tools
Windows 8 Architecture
Process Lifetime Management (PLM)
Demo: Writing our Sample Modern Application
Application Packaging
Demo: Application Packaging
Controlling Process Lifetime Management (PLM)
ProcDump and Windows 8

Code Analysis Tools

C/C++ Code Analysis
Demo: C/C++ Code Analysis
C/C++ Code Analysis Exclusions
Demo: C/C++ Code Analysis Exclusions
Managed Code Analysis
Demo: Managed Code Analysis
Managed Code Analysis Exclusions
Demo: Managed Code Analysis Exclusions

x64 Debugging

Calling Convention
Demo: Calling Convention
Demo: Prologue
Epilogue and Demo
Optimizations and Demo

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