Pluralsight – Adopting AWS – Watch This First by Lynn Monson

Pluralsight – Adopting AWS – Watch This First by Lynn Monson
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AWS is the biggest cloud provider in the world. This course will teach you how to get going on AWS, including initial account structure, security setup, starting project, and give you a guide to the services of AWS.

01.Course Overview/01.Course Overview.mp4 6.38 MB
02.Using Multiple Accounts/02.Common Account Structures.mp4 12.94 MB
02.Using Multiple Accounts/01.Why Have Multiple Accounts.mp4 11.63 MB
02.Using Multiple Accounts/04.Start Simple and Iterate.mp4 7.52 MB
02.Using Multiple Accounts/03.Common Security Relationships.mp4 3.84 MB
03.Securing Your Accounts/03.Create Your First User, Group, and Policy.mp4 25.72 MB
03.Securing Your Accounts/05.Proactive Protection.mp4 24.62 MB
03.Securing Your Accounts/02.Signup and Setup.mp4 22.69 MB
03.Securing Your Accounts/04.Secure Privileged Users with MFA.mp4 22.45 MB
03.Securing Your Accounts/01.Understanding Best Practices.mp4 4.24 MB
04.Managing Your Bill/02.Interactive Dashboards.mp4 22.94 MB
04.Managing Your Bill/04.CSV Reports.mp4 17.2 MB
04.Managing Your Bill/03.Billing Alerts.mp4 8.21 MB
04.Managing Your Bill/01.Introduction.mp4 4.09 MB
05.Choose a First Project/04.How to Choose a Project.mp4 19 MB
05.Choose a First Project/03.How a Project Can Help.mp4 16.35 MB
05.Choose a First Project/02.Anticipating the Path Ahead.mp4 10.49 MB
05.Choose a First Project/01.Commit and Start Moving.mp4 4.9 MB
06.Keeping a Map/03.Core Service Details.mp4 17.56 MB
06.Keeping a Map/01.The Scale of AWS.mp4 11.72 MB
06.Keeping a Map/02.Service Groups Overview.mp4 5.34 MB
07.Thinking Like a Cloud/02.Cattle Not Pets.mp4 23.43 MB
07.Thinking Like a Cloud/03.From Cattle to the Herd.mp4 19.5 MB
07.Thinking Like a Cloud/01.Metaphors to Change Your Thinking.mp4 5.45 MB

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