PHLEARN – Project Fitness

PHLEARN – Project: Fitness
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Compositing will change the way you think about photography and that was our inspiration when creating Project Fitness.
The process of creating great photos doesn’t have to end when you put your camera down. Post-production in Photoshop can give you the power to create images you would have never been able to before.
Learn Compositing Workflow
Take the best part of multiple different photos and combine them together to create one flawless image. This technique can be applied to any type of photography including wedding, portrait, architecture and product.

Enhance Detail

Add more shape and definition to your images using our exclusive Dodge & Burn Technique. This effect makes images appear more three-dimensional, helping you to stand out from other photographers.

Retouch & Enhance Clothing

Clothing is often overlooked when it comes to retouching and post-production. A few wrinkles can be distracting and make a clean image look messy. Learn techniques for removing wrinkles, correcting color, and enhancing details of clothing.

16-Bit RAW Photos Included

Everything you need for increased proficiency and skill is included with your download. Watch at your pace and follow along with the included 16-Bit RAW Photos.

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