Phlearn – Photoshop Basics Series

Phlearn – Photoshop Basics Series
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Save time with our quick reference guide for commonly used tools and features in photoshop.


Adjustment Layers
Black and White
Clipping Masks
Color Balance
Filter Gallery
Foreground and Background Colors
History Tool
Keyboard Shortcuts
Layer Effects
Layer Masks
Quick Mask Mode
Select and Mask
Smart Objects
The Alignment Tools
The Artboard Tool
The Blur Tool
The Brush Tool
The Burn Tool
The Clone Stamp Tool
The Content-Aware Move Tool
The Crop Tool
The Custom Shape Tool
The Dodge Tool
The Ellipse Tool
The Eraser Tool
The Eyedropper Tool
The Gradient Tool
The Hand Tool
The Healing Brush Tool
The Lasso Tool
The Liquify Tool
The Magic Wand Tool
The Magnetic Lasso Tool
The Marquee Tool
The Move Tool
The Patch Tool
The Pen Tool
The Perspective Crop Too
The Polygon Tool
The Polygonal Lasso Tool
The Quick Selection Tool
The Rectangle Tool
The Red Eye Tool
The Rotate View Tool
The Rounded Rectangle Tool
The Ruler Tool
The Sharpen Tool
The Slice Tool
The Smudge Tool
The Spot Healing Brush Tool
The Type Tool
The Zoom Tool

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