Percipio – Sustainability and Restoring Our Earth

Percipio – Sustainability and Restoring Our Earth
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In today’s business world, sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have, but a strategic necessity. The pressures on companies to be more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable are mounting on many fronts. Consumers and shareholders expect more than mere lip service – they want demonstrated commitment.

And that’s where Skillsoft’s Sustainability and Restoring Our Earth Journey comes in. This three-track Journey provides a roadmap for broadening the knowledge and skills you need to understand how business sustainability works and then take steps to make it part of your, and your organization’s, vision, and strategy.

You’ll learn about aligning business strategies with sustainability efforts, remaining financially successful while becoming socially and environmentally responsible. You’ll explore how to sustainable practices can unleash creativity that leads to innovation, and how protecting the future can lead to competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Each learning track in the Journey comprises a carefully curated set of resources chosen by subject matter experts and thought leaders, taking advantage of multi-modal learning tools. These include Skillsoft courses, expert videos, and book excerpts.

You’ll have access to resources that don’t just introduce you to the key skills and competencies you need to master the challenges of sustainability, but also let you dive into them as deeply as you desire, using the core instruction in the Journey as a springboard to your ongoing personal and professional growth.

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